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company introduction

This is a time of extraordinary global economic turbulence. The oil price has fl­uctuated dramatically and, with cost levels flat or at best decreasing at a much slower pace, the oil and gas industry is facing many challenges and pressures. Businesses in this sector need forward thinking advice and practical strategies from professionals who understand their businesses and their challenges. ProOPEC’s  board of directors aims to maintain ProOPEC’s position as a leading advisor to the oil and gas sector by continuously developing strategic thought leadership and practical strategies that help our firms’ clients meet their challenges. ProOPEC’s reputation: Through our firms’ national practices and ProOPEC’s Oil and Gas Centers of Excellence, we constantly strive to provide services of the highest quality and

the world. commitment: Our understanding of the demands and challenges oil and gas companies face enables our ‑firms to develop services, methodologies, and original thinking that specifically address the needs of this sector. We look at industry challenges from multiple angles, pooling our knowledge and resources to develop holistic services that are designed to fit our firms’ clients’ ever-changing requirements. The following document aims to capture who we are and how we can help you. Throughout, we have included Conversations with some of our people from around the world because, first and foremost, ProOPEC is a global network of people. Each of us, where ever we operate from around the world, in the committed to the oil and gas industry and cares deeply about the sector’s continued success and line with society’s ever-evolving expectations.