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We have been active within the LNG sector, serving customers across many continents and delivering LNG across the world. We are one of the most experienced independent traders of LNG, offering customers unique expertise in the management of physical gas deliveries, as well as a comprehensive understanding of the worldwide LNG market.

We can offer spot, short or longer-term arrangements, as well as customized solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. We have a long history of building partnerships through co-investment in energy infrastructure, including liquefaction and regasification projects, and bespoke pre-financing solutions.

Our LNG business is integrated with our global natural gas, power, coal, fuel oil and LPG trading infrastructure enabling us to anticipate and adapt to market movements and to respond to our customers’ ever evolving needs

Also we are a long-term participant in the global LPG market, enabling refiners to provide a reliable, competitively priced supply line to LPG distributors, petrol companies and utilities.

We operate a fleet of 30 LPG tankers, 12 of which are purpose built pressurized vessels. which will enable us to serve the long haul arbitrage market, where LPG is loaded and delivered to the fast growing global markets.

In addition, we are working with customers to develop and deliver LPG-to-power generating solutions across markets worldwide.